De Dietrich Introduces Twist Click Cook

Premium French Kitchen Appliance Brand Introduces Simple Cooking Concept to Inspire Culinary Excellence at Home

Simply use the dial in the oven’s chef mode to select your recipe and within seconds your dish is ready to cook. In Chef Mode, the oven has the precision and control of a real chef, and features exclusive, patented technology that adjusts all settings automatically; the cooking function, the ideal temperature and even the cooking time – to give anyone the ability to perfect every dish like a true professional.

  1. Twist – To select your recipe, simply twist the dial on the De Dietrich oven and choose a recipe from the ‘Chef ’ ‘Recipe’ ‘Culinary’ or ‘Pastry’ modes.
  2. Click – Once your recipe is selected, click to begin the cooking process. There’s no need to preheat your oven or guess cooking times; the De Dietrich oven will calculate the cooking time itself (in Chef mode).
  3. Cook – Simply let your oven do the hard work and enjoy a dish that’s cooked to perfection.

With a delicate balance of expertise and precision, a harmonious combination of premium materials and unique technological performance, De Dietrich ovens represent the skilful art of cooking to perfection, whether a chef or amateur.

Tom Whelan, marketing manager for De Dietrich in UK & Ireland, said: “De Dietrich, a leader in French design and cooking appliances since 1684, continue to bring exciting new technologies to consumers”. Available now from all leading appliance retailers nationwide.